Socs315 week 5 you decide

Land at Polar Peak This five-stage challenge will have you landing at various named locations around the map. Your best bet here is to get all of them out of the way over the course of five games.

Socs315 week 5 you decide

Fortnite season 7, week 6 challenges and how to find chilly gnomes Find out what you're up against this week to get through more tiers of your Battle Pass. The challenges this week are pretty standard, but I made some maps to help you get through the more difficult ones below.

There's no search-between challenge this week, which I hope doesn't mean Epic has given up on them again, but let's hope for new ones in the coming weeks. If you haven't finished last week's list, check out the season 7, week 5 challenges here. You also can search for more than one per match, so as long as you stop into named locations on the way to the final storm circles in each game, it shouldn't take you too many games to knock this challenge out.

How to search Chilly Gnomes It appears some of our little gnome friends have been frozen in blocks of ice throughout the snowy part of the map and your job is to find seven of them.

You could scour the map to find the chilly gnomes yourself, or you Socs315 week 5 you decide save a bunch of time by using this map: There's even one on the tiny island south of the main island if you're looking for a little adventure.

For the rest of us it might be a bigger challenge. It's really up to you which location to choose, but if it's Lucky Landings, you'll want to go earlier in the week to make sure plenty of people are there for the challenge.

Later in the week, just drop into Tilted Towers -- that place is always packed. How to do stage 1: Stage 2 has you visiting Lucky Landings and Retail Row in a single match, which is a greater distance, and stage 3 sends you to Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts for the longest distance.

One thing I realized recently is that if you're in a plane, you only need to be in an area's airspace to get credit for visiting that location. So flying might be the way to go, but either way, here's a map to make it easier: If you haven't unlocked it yet, don't worry, because you have until the end of season 7 to complete this challenge.

If you have it unlocked, you only need to go to the snowy area of the map, choose the puck from your emote wheels, then slide it down any of the bigger hills. The game will notify you in the upper left part of the screen if you've gotten the required meters. Just keep trying until you get it.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents For this challenge note that it doesn't say eliminations, so you only need to get a few shots off to get credit. It might take a couple of matches, but it shouldn't be too hard if you focus on using SMGs.

Stage 2 has you using assault rifles, which shouldn't be too bad, but stage 3 requires you to use grenades, clingers or stink bombs. For this final stage, I would suggest doing one of the large group matches and then start hurling grenades at groups of enemies once the storm closes on the final circles.

How to deal damage with different weapons in a single match This challenge is listed as hard and I think it will be. As the title says, you have to deal damage with five different weapons in a single match. That means you'll really have to focus on switching weapons and hope you live through firefights to keep going.

Epic Games has acknowledged on Twitter a bug that doesn't allow you to complete this challenge in games where you can respawn: The issue preventing players from getting credit for damaging enemies with 5 weapons in a single match seems to only be occurring in modes that allow respawns.

This will be fixed in a future update. In the meantime, you can complete this Challenge in all non-respawning modes.RE: SOC Equal Rights Proposition Presentation WEEK 5 Do You need help with your school? Visit to learn about the great services I offer for students like you.

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Week 5 - You Decide Factual Summary Coleman is an employee for Software INC, which requires him to spend the majority of his time traveling to meet customers with the objective to sell security equipment to businesses and bars.

SOCS - Fall Register Now; Marriage and Family Week 3 You Decide. 2 pages. Marriage and Family Week 1 HW DeVry University, Chicago Marriage and Family Week 5 You Decide. 3 pages. Marriage and Family Week 7 HW DeVry University, Chicago.

Socs315 week 5 you decide

GEN Week 4 Using Sources. Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Using Sources Worksheet using the three sources you located for the Continuing Academic Success paper. Submit your assignment by clicking the Assignment Files tab above. Using Sources.

Review the Continuing Academic Success assignment requirements from Week 5. SOC WEEK 1 Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion. Apply critical-thinking skills to answer the following questions in a 1, to 1,word paper, based on this week’s readings.

What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing the text.

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