Singletreff eckernforde

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Singletreff eckernforde

New measuring station at Boknis Eck Teile: Sincedata on the state of the Baltic Sea have been collected in the Eckernforde Bay, making Boknis Eck one of the oldest active time series stations in the world.

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The Boknis Eck Node started operating at the turn of this year. Gallery 1 here How much is the Singletreff eckernforde level of the seawater?

What is the temperature range? What nutrients have been dissolved in the seawater and in what quantities?

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How extensive is the growth of plankton? Knowing the answers to these questions allow the state of the marine ecosystem to be assessed. For nearly 60 years, marine researchers at Kiel have been making their way to Eckernforde Bay to collect such data.

Singletreff eckernforde

This makes Boknis Eck one of the world's oldest active marine time series stations. He has been coordinating the activities at Boknis Eck since Recent studies have shown that even very short-term events like a two-week heat spell or a single powerful storm could cause a significant impact on an ecosystem.

And now, after two years of planning and construction, the new station has started operations in the Baltic Sea.

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Anchored at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, it contains sensors that measure flow velocities and directions, salt content, temperature as well as the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane.

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GEOMAR and Helmholtz Center Geesthacht install new sensor node in Baltic Sea Boknis Eck(Boknis Corner) – a name familiar to oceanographers and marine researchers worldwide. Since , data on the state of the Baltic Sea have been collected in the Eckernforde Bay, making Boknis Eck one of the.

Singletreff eckernforde

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