Revenue case essay

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Revenue case essay

Revenue case essay

Research Paper Essay Instructions: Revenue Administration and Tax Mix The major limiting factor Revenue case essay determining the size of a budget in the public sector is the capacity to tax or generate revenue. To compute fiscal capacity, a representative tax system should assess the level of personal income, the value of retail sales, and the value of property.

However, there are other areas that governments should focus on when striving to ensure and maintain revenue generation. Diversifying a revenue portfolio is paramount, especially when the economy takes a downturn.

In this Application, you will evaluate whether a hypothetical city has an adequately diverse tax mix, and recommend possible actions to improve its tax base. To prepare for this assignment: Review the selected readings from Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10 in Fiscal Administration: Analysis and Applications for the Public Sector, focusing on tax mix and revenue administration.

Revenue," and focus on the need for achieving a diverse revenue portfolio. Reflect on the need of governments to achieve a balanced tax mix to ensure revenue generation regardless of external limiting factors.

Think about ways in which a public organization could diversify its tax mix. Consider the following scenario for use in this Application: The City of Swobodaville, a city in the lower Midwestern states, has not analyzed its tax base for a number of years.

A new mayor, elected on a fiscally conservative platform, orders the city manager to conduct such an analysis. The mayor argues that the real tax base has declined in the previous five years. Part of the analysis shows a recent, although small, trend of businesses leaving the city for the suburbs.

At the same time, the population is aging. The number of retirees has increased noticeably, but not significantly, in recent years. The analysis reveals that the real tax base has declined slightly in three of the previous five years and increased slightly in the other two years.

It also shows that the tax collection rate has fallen off from 95 percent to 93 percent. The city analyzes its position with comparator cities. The following is discovered: Type of Tax Personal Income: Analyze the tax mix of Swobodaville. Explain whether the different tax types represent a good mix of revenue for the city.

Revenue case essay

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