Are research papers outdated

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Are research papers outdated

Is this an easy assessment to make? The rule for conducting research is that sources go back no earlier than ten, sometimes fifteen, years prior.

This is a commonly known and employed rule that covers pretty much all kinds of research in virtually every field of expertise. This is especially the case when it comes to updates, because current findings only make sense when they are rooted to recent information. New editions tend to follow their predecessors around every decade or two.

However, there are many circumstances where older sources are not only preferable, but necessary, such as research accounts illustrating the origins or historical development of a phenomenon when older texts either have not been surpassed or establish points confirm the appropriateness of age such as an attitude, say, regarding slavery from the eighteenth century where a quote affirms a certain belief or when an evaluation requires historical documentation to gain solid foundation.

Such ongoing efforts to pathologize an age-old sexual practice merely serve as a pretextual means to accommodate non-scientific agendas and alleviate public anxiety, nothing else.

One of her many rationales: How can something suddenly be mentally abhorrent when it has been normal for ages and is rooted in evolution?

THIS is precisely why general history and old references are Are research papers outdated. The famous Kinsey research studies from the ss are one example of this.

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There is no morality in science; research must always be conducted objectively if final points and informational development are to be effective [7]. One must remember that research is ongoing and can be achieved in a multitude of ways [8][9][10].

These methods involve various means, which are all imperative to execute in order to conduct viable and effective research, but should not be confused with the patterns described below.

Personal Research begets unique strategies devised on the part of the needs and discernments of the researcher. One strategy is linear, meaning research is conducted from left-to-right i.

One problem with the left-to-right described above is that researchers might not know where to begin, especially if they are unfamiliar with the history of a subject. For this reason, the right-to-left process is likely to be easier, less problematic and more fruitful.

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Older Sources that Stand the Test of Time Still, there are sources that remain significant and hold their power over time and really never weaken. These sources include but are not limited to literary texts, such as the works of Shakespeare, the books of Dante and the poetry of Walt Whitman.

Are research papers outdated

These texts say something about their respective time periods and therefore serve as a looking glass into those eras. Another kind of source that maintains its usefulness and strength over the passage of time is ancient documentation, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls [12].

Like Literary texts, these also serve as a portal into another era. The scrolls are an excellent example of both secular and religious records from a particular era. Most of the writings are on parchment, or animal hides; yet others are on papyrus reed and at least one, the Copper Scroll, is on sheets made of bronze [15].

This material alone is an indication of how texts were produced during their time. Their content, written primarily in the ancient Hebrew tongue of Aramiac and dated to the first few centuries BCE, covers many Books from the Hebrew Bible, which comprises both the Old Testament of the Catholic Bible and that of the Protestant Bible [16].

In addition, the sectarian papers delineate the politics and culture of the group of people that composed them. These scrolls are primary sources for ongoing research because they not only convey particular aspects of ancient Hebrew civilizations [17]but also confirm that much of the early biblical texts were created prior to the birth of Christ, inferring that the seeds of Christianity actually preceded this key figure by hundreds of years [18].

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Beowulf is pretty much the same way. For this reason, the Beowulf text serves as an ongoing source of value in fields such as history, ancient civilizations, text production, language development and even poetry writing.

As Beowulf likely cited earlier people and events, so would be the case with Bede, who was known for his elaborate and detailed records of the civilization in which he lived.

As he was the first official historian for the Church of England, his accounts were much valued, as insightful as they were, not only because they provided a religious voice for an emerging nation and still dobut also their historical and cultural significance [21].

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A blend of legend and traditional knowledge, the work drew on the earlier records of various writers that included Crosius and Prosper of Aquitaine, both of whom made similar observations about the same period.For the most complete information, check your campus library or writing center for the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 8th ed.

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Are research papers outdated
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