A description of the science that studies why humans and animals behave as they do

You should be qualified to get on a masters course with your existing degree, if there is one available. Alternatively contact research centres that do cognitive neuroscience research and see whether they have any opportunities available which might suit you. July 4, at 6: I am a chess grandmaster.

A description of the science that studies why humans and animals behave as they do

What would in do if you became a animal psychologist? However, psychologists and scientists do n…ot always agree on this definition. Comparative psychology has also been described as branch of psychology in which emphasis is placed on cross-species comparisons-including human-to-animal comparisons.

What ethical viewpoint supports the use of animals in medical experiments? There are two schools of thought regarding the relative value of human life versus the relative value of animal life.

A description of the science that studies why humans and animals behave as they do

One school of thought makes little distinction between th…e value of human life and animal life - this is the foundation of the philosophy of animal rights.

The other school of thought has determined a significant distinction between humans and animals, which can be broken down into the following reasonings: Also, many religious traditions hold that animals do not have souls but humans do.

Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to perform tests on animals that would be unacceptable to perform on humans, such as deliberately severing the lower spinal cord to test a novel treatment for spinal cord trauma.

A major flaw in this is the observation that religious traditions around the world vary greatly in their description of the origin of humans, the place of humans in the world and the value of animals certain animals in particular in relation to humans.

Cognitive - Humans have a markedly superior ability to reason, think symbolically such as through language and musichave the most complex inter-organism verbal and non-verbal communication and overall tend to have the highest level of cognitive ability.

Because of this, it makes sense to treat humans as different than animals, because animals can't think as well as humans; putting animals through medical testing is OK because they can't understand it anyway. A major flaw in this is the observation that not all humans have significant cognitive abilities - babies born with severe cerebral malformations, elders with advanced Alzheimer's, etc, yet it is not acceptable to perform medical testing on these individuals currently, in the US; other times and locations may vary.

Speciesism - We are human, all other animals are not human and therefore we can do to other species what we are not willing to do to our own species. This makes for a very clear-cut division, but has been opposed with the comparison between this stance and older stances against humans of African descent seen as subhuman for centuries by Europeans and treated as suchwomen, humans of Asian descent, humans of various sexual orientation and identity, etc.

In other words, speciesism is just another form of discrimination, on par with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Why do psychologist study animal behavior? Therefore, it only makes sense that humans would have behaviours very close to that of the animals that are studi…ed.

This helps them deal with so-called humans in real life situations.Apr 29,  · Best Answer: Depends on what type of cruelty/abuse/neglect they had to undergo, as well as probably how intense it was and how long it lasted.

Beating, hitting, or any other type of intentional abuse would obviously jerk at some trust issues between the animal and any human Status: Resolved. The truth is that scientists aren't sure why humans tell lies, but they do know that lying is common and that it is likely linked to several psychological factors.

Does the moon actually make people act crazy, or change human behavior in any way? I have a teacher who insists this is true. Here's what science has to say: Your teacher is mistaken, but they're. Humans are the most complex of all the animals, which explains why psychology is such a vast subject.

Within the psychology department of a typical university, . Physicists have succeeded in putting a superconducting gas into an exotic state. Their experiments allow new insights into the properties of . For instance, primatology is the study of primates, entomology is the study of insects, ichthyology is the study of fish and ornithology is the study of birds.

In addition to differentiation by species, zoology also encompasses other types of research, such as animal physiology, behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology and ethology, the study of animal behavior.

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